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Scarlet Stone

Scarlet Stone - Jewel E. Ann, Maxann Dobson Mhm, this is kind of...off. I mean, it's totally off. Characterization? Plot? Development? Coherency? Aaaand yes, I'm sure every girl is helplessly attracted to an aggressive and antisocial Thor look-alike (because good looks). Basically, the titular protagonist is hell-bent on a round of The Masochism Tango.

“You’re fucking driving me insane,” he growls into my neck.
No. He was insane before me. However, I’ll wait a bit to make that case.

No matter her reasons, or the interesting premise of two (and more, because exaggeration) very dysfunctional, broken and flawed characters confronting lies and truths. The author is also very vocal about her opinions on certain topics. I respect those, not the heavy-handedness of the message.

"Does it matter? No. It’s just my opinion and it only should matter to me".
Talk about forewarning.

At least there are a few humorous situations and the book does provide some thought-provoking themes; unfortunately I wasn't particularly inspired by Scarlet's answers and the focus is too wide, in fact, there are so many things going on in the story, including a mystery, that you can plainly see the hand of the author orchestrating and steering them all (because miracles). I understand it was either that or completely lose the plot, but it’s aggravating.

I thought this was a contemporary romance with dark undertones, not a neurotic contemporary romance which takes itself too seriously and strives to fit in the Biography, Business, Chick Lit, Cookbooks, Crime, Medical, Mystery, Nonfiction, Paranormal, Philosophy, Psychology, Self Help and Spirituality shelves.

The ending was okay, thought it was predictably neat and contrived. Undeniably, the book has its moments, but not enough to get me over the fuzzy storytelling, the food-for-thought overload and the flat characters.

Not all necessary things in life reside on the right side of the law.