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Feverborn: A Fever Novel

Feverborn: A Fever Novel - Karen Marie Moning Better than Burned. Unfortunately not enough Lor and Jo, fortunately slightly more Dani (I like her nom de guerre) and Ryodan. Maybe it’s me. Maybe my expectations were too high because the book is not bad (Jericho Barrons is still a masterpiece), but I miss that wow factor of the earlier novels.

The story gets confusing at times, particularly about certain twists and details like the sidhe-seers’ numbers and strengths and it ends with a cliffhanger. Again, I’m not sure where this is going and I'd be happy if the author penned "the end" before this series becomes another paragon case of milking the cow to death.

“Pessimists are only pessimists when they’re wrong. When we’re right, the world calls us prophets.”