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Ember - Bettie Sharpe 3.5 stars. I had fun with this brisk and irreverent take on the Cinderella fairytale. What if Prince Charming were a selfish, dangerous man cursed to be on the receiving end of adoration and lust? What if Cinderella were a witch who said, when she first met her step-mother, “Now that the air is clear between us, I like you just fine. My father needs a wife, and as long as you care for him and do not cuckold him with other men, we shall get along as well as he imagined.” and later, when the father died, became her madam?

"Charm and goodness are overrated.” Indeed.

This is humorous, wicked, nicely written and definitely not a children's bedtime story.

Running a whorehouse was surprisingly good training for running a government.