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Maestro - R.A. Salvatore 3.5 stars. Drizzt. Ah Drizzt. I love this series. He doesn't appear before the 25% mark but I hardly noticed because the titular character truly shines through most of the tale. What else? Lots of drow politics, a wicked Mistress, a wonderful Catti-Brie and brilliant battles (also Entreri. Can I ever get enough of this one? Hardly! Go, go Artemis!).
I like this very questioning Drizzt.

Oh and I get it. Magical pouches are handy and Cattie-Brie reverts to a lovely dwarven brogue when she is off-balance.
Fast-paced, well written, back to form and truly entertaining.

Life is a journey from trial to test, from love to hate, from friendship to grief. We each deal with unsettling uncertainty and we each march on, ever on, following the road that will ultimately lead to our grave.