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After Innocence

After Innocence - Brenda Joyce Hilarious and entertaining, this is a quick and satirical story featuring the common tropes of the classic quest formula and chivalry.

A half-sized giant, a deformed horse, a knight of The Table of Less Valued Knights, a damsel in distress and a missing fiancée. Throw in the Pentecost Quest, a King Prince Consort with a brother complex, men in iron masks, a stand-in for the Lady of the Lake, a customs official dwarf, delicate Knights, a she-magical-sword with a penchant for Spin the Bottle, a bearded Queen....did I mention a maiden-thirsty unicorn?

What could possibly go wrong?

This book was a pleasant surprise indeed, the misadventures of the mismatched group of heroes and the intertwining quests are comical, but also clever. The plot is well-structured, not banal, and offers many homages to classic Arthurian stories, a clear monty python-esque atmosphere, steady rhythm and unpredictability. The ending was a bit abrupt, but apt.

Truly a jaunty ribald romp.