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Archmage - R.A. Salvatore Here be dwarves!!! This novel reads easily. Not much happens in the first 40% or so and the plot is very linear, building and anticipating the foregone conclusion.

There are many reminders about the current state of affairs which are useful if one has read the latest books some time ago, or not at all. The same goes for the story at hand just to make double sure there never is any tapping of intellectual energy involved.

At least there is an unexpected twist about Drizzt, who is always a superb character. Little of Dhalia, fortunately (can't say she is faring well anyhow, or that Salvatore has made up his mind about her) and a pinch of Doum’wielle, whom I don't dislike, a glimpse of rapscallion Wulfgar and grave Regis (held in reserve), lots of dwarves, lots of demons and lots of drow elves (Kimmuriel is a favorite, then there is the confident titular character and finally Jarlaxle, ever the trump card and ubiquitous to boot!).
On top of that the story features this novel Catti-brie befriending questionable pets, Bleeding Heart scenes, a perplexing ending and a last-line promise.

Standard first-book-in-a-trilogy-of-this-new-Drizzt fare, it would seem, masterfully crafted out of thin air. My previous conclusion about the latest adventures is confirmed, nothing original around but...

Who cares? Dwarves!! Demons!! Matron mothers!! Battles!! Fireballs!!