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Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas This is clearly YA, and readers should keep it in mind before picking this up. Also, it's partial to the romance side of things (not to mention, everyone looks beautiful and always "awfully young". No self-respecting character here deigns to be above the better side of twenty, unless absolutely necessary - and having aged well besides....).
This said, I enjoyed it even if I'm not of an age with Caelena and the rest. The pace is enjoyable, the characters nice, the dialogue funny and witty, the situations improbable and juicy. The tropes, well, don't we all love them? Nice read, supported by the novellas read before the Throne of Glass. I highly recommend the chronological order and reading all the novellas together, since the last two are more compelling. Enjoy this series, it's wonderful YA, very appealing to (my) girl sensibilities.