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End Of Days

End Of Days - Susan Ee Ah well, until the "We can all go our separate ways and die alone.” My voice becomes firm, and I try to inject steel into it. “Or we can stay together and make our final stand." things were rolling pretty well. Mercifully, the syrupy moments were interspersed with large-scale murder and crazy plans.

The story is very fast-paced and offers many different situations and scenes; the ending was predictable but fine and there are several loose ends but I was expecting them, so I didn't mind. There are also interesting reflections about post-apocalypse human behavior and lots of action. I would have liked to see more of the protagonist’s sister, though, while the mother confirms herself as my favorite character of the series.

The author has a lively imagination and knows how to write a pacey adventure. All things considered, including the fact that it’s not my usual genre and it’s a debut trilogy, I am quite surprised. I don’t like fluttery YA romance and I rarely try paranormal/post-apocalyptic stories, yet I couldn't help myself but keep reading on, and fast at that. Simply put, no matter how many narrative flaws, eye-rolling dialogues or tropes, I never got bored and the story kept my interest.