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The Wounded (A SEVEN FORGES Story)

The Wounded (A SEVEN FORGES Story) - James A. Moore Interesting short story about Kallir Lundt, one of the mercenaries under Merros' command, who gets gravely wounded at the beginning of the book and is left struggling between life and death in the valley of the Sa’ba Taalor.
James A. Moore has announced on his blog that "there will be four short stories total that link directly into SEVEN FORGES. Each of them expands upon aspects of the novel. Each of them is designed to add to the experience but none of them are meant to be essential". To date:
November 5, 2013 The Wounded
December 13, 2013 From the Mounds
March 28, 2014 Scars
May 23, 2014 When Korwa fell